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Upcoming new Google Webmaster Tool

So, this is now something really interesting !


The idea behind is pretty simple: as google’s bots crawl the web to find new content and update the existing one, they of course stumble upon abusing forum entries, hacked pages, etc. Why not send this found unwanted “content” to the page owning webmaster ?

Typically, companies outsource the programming and sometimes even maintenance of their pages to freelancers or other companies. And if the companies now do not subscribe maintenance contracts, they are typically alone with their created page or content from now on – and often there is nobody inside this company who really cares about the webpages.

By adding the above tool, it gets possible to get feedback if the site you once created or owned by you needs urgent maintenance. So this of course may also be a good tool to bind your customers. Of course this only works, if they are aware, that it is simple not possible to protect the site against all possible ways of misuse.

Thumbs up, Google !

Just an idea: what could be next ? Give Google an administrator account to your forums, so that it can not only detect malicious entries, but also automatically delete them ? And if that is done, maybe they could also automatically correct the spelling of normal entries, manage the registered users, etc…

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